Our values


For Sofidel, corporate social responsibility is not “separate” from the aim to pursue high levels of development, it is a cornerstone of its modus operandi. The Group strongly believes that it is only possible to create long-lasting value by implementing a sustainable development strategy for the environment and for society. A concept based on the philosophy that “Less is More” which guides all the group’s activities: increase economic and productive performance, increase the quality of products and customer services and reduce the impact on the world around us.


Sofidel summarises the essential features of its identity and its attitude towards the future with its tagline “Endless care, Innovative Life”.
“Endless” alludes to the idea of length and convenience which distinguishes Sofidel tissue paper rolls.
“Care” refers to the attention to product quality and, in a broader context, the desire to care for the world around us.
“Innovative” refers to the objective of continuous evolution when creating products and improving production and distribution processes.
“Life” refers to the promise to improve the quality of life of all the company stakeholders, from clients to partners, from employees to communities where the company works.

Values, choices, results, objectives...with the integrated budget of the Sofidel paper group, each stakeholder can personally assess the economic, social and environmental value of the daily work of more than 6,400 people. Because transparency is also a question of sustainability.

An anniversary is not only an opportunity to look over one's history and the results achieved over time, with due pride, but it is also a precious chance to re-confirm values, set new objectives and look to the future with optimism and trust.

Sofidel believes that businesses should play a vital role not only in terms of production and distribution of goods and services, but also in guaranteeing social and environmental benefits that are broader and longer lasting along the entire chain of value creation. This is why sustainability is a cornerstone and building block to Sofidel's modus operandi.