Sustainable tissue paper

In producing paper for hygienic and domestic use, Sofidel pursues a model of economically, environmentally and socially sustainable development aimed at simplifying and improving people’s lives and safeguarding the Planet’s ecosystems.


Disposable tissue paper products for hygienic and domestic use play an essential role in ensuring the hygiene of people, domestic environments and workplaces. Sofidel has made hygiene a central theme of its activities through its products and the promotion of specific information and awareness-raising activities.


Sofidel Group’s sustainable growth strategy lays its roots also on innovation in cultural organisation, production processes, as well as product design to provide a responsible response to the growing demand for efficiency, functionality and sustainability from clients, consumers and society.


News and press releases

We, Sofidel. Our Passions Fuel Our Future

The end of the year is calendar time for Sofidel. The “We, Sofidel. Our Passions Fuel Our Future” project puts the Group’s people center stage. The calendar features one person from each of the 13 countries in the world where the company operates.

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Brands and products

Innovation, safety, hygiene, comfort, personal well-being, respect for the environment and responsible consumption. Sofidel is committed to creating products which contain ever lower levels of natural capital and offer high functional qualities and innovative performance.

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Sofidel Goals

Not just the production and distribution of tissue paper for hygienic and domestic use, but also the guarantee of long-term economic, social and environmental advantages for all stakeholders throughout the entire value creation chain. Sofidel places strategic importance on sustainability for growth and development.

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Sofidel Sustainability Blog

On a bimonthly basis, we deal with topics related to environmental and social sustainability, themes and projects close to us in terms of culture and corporate modus operandi. And we try to do it in a clear, simple and possibly pleasant way to contribute to the creation of the value of shared knowledge.

A well-known English illustrator, Sam Brewster, accompanied the reading of our editorials until 2020.
Since 2021 the Italian illustrator Stefano Marra underlines the peculiarities of the theme dealt with each time.


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Keyword: reskilling

One of the effects of the health crisis on the world of work has been the enormous pressure on companies…

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