Consumers A good to protect

A guarantee on all products of comfort, hygiene, practicality, value for money and respect for the most wide-spread international standards for self-monitoring in health and hygiene.

Quality policy

Sofidel is aware of the growing attention that consumers have for the guarantees that each and every product can offer. For this reason, the Group has adopted management systems in line with product quality, safety and lawfulness international standards: “BRC Global Standard Consumer Products, Personal Care and Household” and “IFS Household and Personal Care Products Standard”. The entire tissue paper product manufacturing process undergoes a specific HACCP (“Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point”) analysis designed to identify and eliminate risks potentially leading to product contamination (in raw materials, during production and storage, and in production plants) from a chemical, physical and biological point of view. This analysis is periodically reviewed to ensure it is always up-to-date in relation to new knowledge and the technological evolution underway. The Group also considers quality as one of the main assets for its operations, not only in terms of product quality, but also in terms of quality of the organisation, people and processes. In a word, “Quality of the Company as a System”.