Hygiene and well-being

Listening to the Planet

Interview with Isabella Pratesi*, WWF International Conservation Director

The WWF has long argued that there is a significant link between climate change, deforestation, hygiene and epidemics: can you summarise your organisation’s thinking?

Climate and ecosystems are closely linked to our lives and to our well-being.…

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When resilience is transformative

The COVID-19 pandemic is an event guaranteed to produce long-term social and economic impacts. Someone has even coined the term 'covidic' to identify a sort of new era: a pre-COVID era compared to a post-COVID era. We shall see. What is certain is that, thinking about the future,…

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Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables

Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables is an unusual campaign, started a few years ago by the French supermarket chain Intermarché, which has already gone down in advertising history. The campaign stars imperfect fruit and vegetables ("moches" from the French for "ugly"), products excluded from sale because they…

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All for health, health for all.

Among the 17 Goals of Agenda 2030 for the future of the planet and its people, two have health as their focus: number three (ensuring health and well-being for all and for all ages) and number six (ensuring the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation…

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Hand washing is a game.

Children explore the world with their hands. But that's not all. In India, for example, they also use them to eat. For this very reason, being unable to wash them properly using soap leads to health problems, especially in rural areas of the country. Soap enclosing an idea. In India,…

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Health starts in the company

Workplace Health Promotion is the WHO program for the dissemination of good lifestyles in the workplace, which promotes the adoption of good practices relating to nutrition, physical activity, smoking, alcohol, road safety and sustainable mobility, well-being at work and the reconciliation of work and home. Safety is health. According to…

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Sustainability at the table: examples of virtuous behaviours

When it comes to sustainability, we must not forget that diet is a very important issue. Our daily activities can also be significant: for example, the choice of what to eat and how much to eat has important effects on the future of the planet and our health. To be…

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Attention to diet among health and sustainability

For 74% of Italians, sustainability is a matter of lifestyle. This is one of the results of the survey Who’s afraid of bad food? Italians and sustainability, promoted by Bologna Award - Caab, Centro Agroalimentare (Food and Agriculture Centre) along with Fico Foundation, Enpam Foundation and Unitec, and created by…

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