An important lever of Sofidel's sustainable
growth strategy

Specialist competence and technology

Innovation in cultural organisation, production processes, as well as product design, plays a central role within Sofidel Group’s sustainable growth strategy.

The implementation of the latest technologies to the tissue industry, the specialist competence of the management and of the technicians, and the historic calling to create Premium- and Ultra-Premium-quality products allow the Group to create ever more high-performance processes and products containing lower levels of natural capital. That is, to provide a responsible response to the growing demand for efficiency, functionality and sustainability from clients, consumers and society.


Innovation of technology asset quality in the production process (papermill and converting stages) and logistics automation are key for the Group in terms of the efficiency of the organisation.

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Sofidel is committed to responsible management of water resources and pays close attention to clean energy sources and energy efficiency of its plants and production processes. Investments in research, development and innovation have led the Group to obtain first-class results in the industry.


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Each and every Sofidel product is part of a Group strategy that makes innovation, safety, quality, attention to people’s well-being and protection of the environment the reference points of its process of creating shared value. With a constant commitment to developing of new products designed to meet emerging needs…

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The certifications obtained by the companies within the Sofidel Group represent an additional strategic element to guarantee high standards and a continuous improvement of the organisation’s performance and products.

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Supply Chain

Sofidel collaborates with its suppliers to encourage the adoption of sustainability policies by its supply chain. For this reason, the Group carefully assesses the environmental and social performance of its suppliers, with the aim of identifying common risks, challenges and solutions together.

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