Sustainability Policy

Code of Ethics, Sustainability Charter, Code of Conduct for Suppliers and other Policies.

Sofidel's full commitment set down in black and white

To consistently turn principles and values into practice, Sofidel has implemented a series of documents that define the ethical-social behaviour of every member of the organisation; a specific corporate governance system, as well as reporting and benchmarking tools. These are useful to develop trustworthy relationships based on communication, collaboration and transparency with any stakeholder.

These documents include: the Code of Ethics, the Sustainability Charter, the Code of Conduct for Suppliers and other Policies.

Code of Ethics

The guiding principles and values of Sofidel’s business summed up in a tangible set of directions of the rights and duties for those working with Sofidel to create shared value.

Sustainability Charter

This document sums up all our commitments towards sustainability, which for Sofidel is a fundamental drive in the process of creating value.

Integrated Reports

In this section you can view the Integrated Reports from previous years.

Code of conduct for suppliers

Sofidel requires from its suppliers behaviours and practices that can guarantee the economic, environmental and social sustainability of the entire production chain.

Human Rights Policy

Sofidel’s vision of human rights recognizes the dignity of every human being and the Company’s responsability to contribute to the well-being of individuals and communities, as explicitly stated in the UN Guiding Principles on Human Rights.

Forest Procurement Policy

Sofidel Group has adopted a robust policy for the responsible purchase of raw materials of forest origin, because Sofidel is aware of the important role that forests play in protecting the global environment and maintaining and enriching biodiversity.

Sustainability Glossary

Sofidel has its Sustainability Glossary, a useful tool in understanding the concepts of sustainability.