Social Media guidelines

Sofidel recognizes the importance of being on Social Media with its own corporate values:

  • Respect
  • Transparency
  • Fairness, trust
  • Reliability
  • Listening
  • Participation and dialogue
  • Innovation
  • Simplicity and clearness
  • Customer care
  • Economic sustainability
  • Social sustainability
  • Environment sustainability
  • International view
  • Development of human resources
  • Integration with territory

These general principles have been developed to govern Sofidel presence in Social Media.

It is important to keep in mind that Sofidel is a business company and that the purpose of its presence in Social Media is to actively listen to its stakeholders, to provide information about its activities, to promote its initiatives, to underline and share information for its business area or regarding values which the Group acknowledges.

Sofidel adopts and adheres to specific policies, terms & conditions that may be present in the platforms.

Sofidel invites all employees and suppliers to make explicit their link with Sofidel in all communications on Social Media referring to the Group.

In Social Media Sofidel will not ever reveal confidential information about the company, the Group or any third party (for ex. journalists, suppliers, etc..).

Sofidel does not use its official presence in Social Media to spread unverified information or create rumors.

In case of supporting different positions from those expressed by users, Sofidel avoids direct confrontation and always respond in a factual and circumstantial way.