The climate and climate change: the focus of the new edition of “I’ll Take Care of You”. Regina and WWF with schools for the 2030 Agenda

The climate and climate change: the focus of the new edition of “I’ll Take Care of You”. Regina and WWF with schools for the 2030 Agenda

With the new school year, the 2021/2022 edition of “I’ll Take Care of You” (“Mi Curo di Te”) begins. This educational program is promoted by Regina (Sofidel Group) and WWF Italia in Italian primary and secondary schools to raise awareness among the new generations on the theme of caring for the planet.

September 29th, 2021 – Porcari (Lucca) / RomeThe 2021/2022 edition of the educational project “I’ll Take Care of You(“Mi Curo di Te”), promoted by Regina (Sofidel Group) and WWF Italia, this year delves into the theme of the climate and climate change within the framework of the UN 2030 Agenda. The initiative is a learning program and, above all, a stimulus for the new generations; an invitation to reflect and express themselves on the theme of protecting the planet. The project will therefore end with a final contest that will leave room for the creativity and sensitivity of children and young people, awarding the schools that receive the most points for the class projects and the involvement of families.

The theme proposed in this year’s edition deals with the complex wonder of the climate, develops awareness of climate change and its effects on the Earth, explores the study of glaciers, their melting, the role of greenhouse gases, and the impacts of humans on the environment. Finally, it proposes strategies and actions to protect our planet and a focus on those who, like Regina and the Sofidel Group, produce paper committed to reducing emissions that are harmful to the climate. Continuing on from last year, the children will be accompanied in the project by the mascot Milla, the ant protagonist of the Regina Cartacamomilla toilet paper commercials.

“For Sofidel, schools, the environment, and information are three central themes for building a more sustainable future, three areas in which the Regina brand, together with WWF, wants to play its part through the ‘I’ll Take Care of You’ educational program”, said Elena Faccio, Sofidel’s Creative, Communication and CSR Director. “It’s important to get children and young people to think about a problem that affects the community and whose effects will be felt for years to come. ‘I’ll Take Care of You’ is an investment in education, helping new generations develop the knowledge required to understand the time they are living in and prepare for a future that’s in harmony with the environment and that is more socially inclusive”.

Investment in education is required to create a world in which humans can live in harmony with nature. This is a firm belief of WWF Italia and that’s why our association has had a very special partner in the form of schools since day one”, says Maria Antonietta Quadrelli, head of education at WWF Italia. “‘I’ll Take Care of You’ is a project that is in many ways exemplary for the scientific rigor it pursues, for the methodology it adopts, aimed at motivating young people to take the lead, and for the articulated partnership it represents. I would therefore like to wish all the teachers and classes taking part in the project and making ‘care’ their distinctive style all the very best.”

Speaking at the online round table “Schools for Sustainable Development” organized by Sofidel and WWF Italia on September 27th to reflect on the role of schools in raising awareness among the younger generations on the issues of sustainable development and ecological transition, Sen. Barbara Floridia, Undersecretary of State at the Italian Ministry of Education with responsibility for the ecological and cultural transition in schools commented:“I’m pleased to be taking part in this meeting, because I believe that the role of schools is fundamental and it’s also a way to present the ReGeneration Plan, geared towards ecological and cultural transition in schools and education for sustainability. We’re the first in Europe to have a systemic plan, because the aim of educating the new generations to inhabit the world in a new way cannot be put off any longer. Scholastic institutions have a decisive role to play in giving the tools to educate the new generations in a new ecological alphabet, promoting new behaviors”. The round table was also an opportunity to present the 2021/2022 edition of the environmental education project “I’ll Take Care of You”.

WWF has always addressed the world of children and young people through schools, in the belief that initiatives to protect nature can only be successful if they are supported by greater awareness and a growth in skills. It is with this spirit, and as part of the partnership with the Sofidel Group, that “I’ll Take Care of You” was created: an educational project dedicated to primary and secondary schools to raise awareness among the new generations of important issues concerning the future of humanity and the planet. In the seven editions of the project, more than 380,000 children and young people from Italian schools have been reached by the initiative.          

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