Sofidel enters the e-commerce world with the first portal dedicated to italian consumers

Sofidel enters the e-commerce world with the first portal dedicated to italian consumers

On it is possible to order from the comfort of your own home all of the most famous products by the Lucca-based paper Group, from Rotoloni Regina to Asciugoni and from Rinoactive and the WWF Collection to napkins.

Discount coupons and free delivery are among  the numerous promotional initiatives planned.

Sofidel, the paper group based in Porcari (Lucca), among the world leaders in the production of paper for domestic and hygienic use, launched its own first portal for online shopping. Sofidel is particularly known in Italy for the Regina brand. The portal is a pilot project created to strengthen the brand awareness and visibility, and deepen the knowledge of the customers’ needs through direct dialogue.

This is another approach taken by Regina, for years a market leader, to look to new generations and new lifestyles. It is also aimed at increasing the level of service offered to consumers, with competitive prices, the convenience of home delivery with the option of subscription or single purchase for all of the products, and the relative guarantee of never being without paper.

The launch of the new e-shop – with the entry, for Sofidel, into a new distribution channel – is the answer to new styles of consumerism which see the web as a source of information and supplies, for an ever more personalised purchasing experience. The market is demonstrating a growing demand from consumers for online products, eased by the development of more evolved and secure payment methods and services. According to estimates by Nielsen, 10% of Italians declare to be willing to purchase household products online. The electronic purchase of paper for hygienic and domestic use is also a growing trend on an international level: the research The future of Grocery, again carried out by Nielsen, shows that this category is among the drivers of e-commerce development, with 25% of people interviewed world-wide declaring their intention to purchase toilet paper on the Internet over the next few months.

There are already two promotions active for users of the new portal Subscribing to the newsletter entitles users to a 5 euro discount coupon for orders of 34.90 euro and over; furthermore, for purchases of over 35 euro, delivery of the goods – which is carried out within 2/3 working days – is completely free of charge. Other promotional initiatives will be developed soon to offer further added value to the purchasing experience and to further obtain the loyalty of Italian customers, who have been choosing Regina brand products for over 30 years. also offers clients a calculator, in order to evaluate – according to parameters such as the number of members in the family unit, the presence of children and the size of the dwelling – their monthly requirements of toilet paper, paper towels, handkerchiefs and napkins. Furthermore, using the convenience kit, it is possible to receive a complete range of products to satisfy all of the needs of the family at extremely advantageous prices. It is already possible with to take advantage of a subscription supply which, on a monthly, bimonthly or quarterly basis and delivered by appointment to the door, makes sure the household never runs out of paper.

“We have just celebrated the first 50 years of activity for the Sofidel Group, 50 years of growth into the future”, commented Mario Matteucci, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer. “The launch of the Group’s first e-shop is another way to reinforce the visibility of our brand, increasing awareness and strengthening the rapport with consumers, meeting their new requirements and needs, thus further increasing their loyalty with regards to the Regina brand”.


The possibility of purchasing Sofidel products online is also further proof of the centrality of sustainability in the Group’s strategies and operations, thanks to the reduction in GHG emissions relative to transportation – both by consumers towards retail sales outlets and merchandise – and the optimisation of logistics. Sofidel is in fact the first manufacturing company in Italy – and the first in the world in the tissue sector – to have joined the WWF Climate Savers project in 2008, since then reducing direct emissions of CO2 by 17.8% and obtaining 99.97% of the total cellulose used from certified and managed sources.

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