National Geographic presents the new branded content project produced for the Sofidel Group  and presented by Englishman Tim Shaw.
Produced by the Fox Networks Group’s Italian team, the special will be distributed on the National Geographic  channel in Italy, Great Britain, Germany, France and Poland.
Showing on National Geographic at 8.55 p.m. on Friday, 11 November.

Italy is travelling through Europe with CHASING PAPER, the new branded content project produced by National Geographic for the Sofidel group, global leader in the household and hygienic tissue manufacturing market, known in Italy for the Regina brand in particular.

Produced to mark Sofidel’s 50th anniversary, CHASING PAPER explores the history of one of the most fascinating, and at the same time commonly used, materials ever invented by man. A journey through Europe together with English presenter Tim Shaw, who’ll meet experts, historians and master papermakers, showing us the secrets of paper production and how a world without paper is unthinkable.

Conceived and produced by the Fox Networks Group Italy, Chasing paper was shot in Italy, Germany, Wales and Sweden and is intended for international distribution. As well as in Italy, where it will be aired at 8.55 p.m. on Friday, 11 November, this hour-long TV special will also be broadcast on the National Geographic channel in Great Britain, Germany, France and Poland, with a resulting total distribution of 38 million homes.

We decided to support the production of this film,” stated Luigi Lazzareschi, CEO of the Sofidel Group, “because we believe that a company such as Sofidel also has the task of raising awareness of what lies behind paper as a product. Through this programme, which effectively combines popular science and entertainment, we believe we can help people to appreciate, better and more extensively, the value of a product which is essential in our everyday life”.

 The Fox group has always aimed to propose special initiatives capable of engaging the public, through innovative solutions, perceived by viewers as relevant and not purely commercial, and Chasing paper is a valid example: an innovative project with a global scope, able to perfectly fuse the language and the spirit that distinguish National Geographic with that of Sofidel” explains Alessandro Militi, Vice President Marketing & Sales of the Fox Networks Group Italy.

Starting from the inventor of paper, Cai Lun, Tim Shaw takes us from Salisbury Cathedral, which houses Magna Carta, the first and most ancient written guarantee of human rights, to Fabriano, where ancient papermakers perfected its production process, making it a reliable, long-lasting material. Passing through Mainz, where Gutenberg invented printing with movable type, we discover how paper is made industrially today.

Tim Shaw is a British radio host, TV presenter and engineer. He presents a series of science and technology programmes on National Geographic, like Car S.O.S. and Street Genius.

Chasing Paper is produced by Stand by me for National Geographic.

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