The winning schools of “I’ll Take Care of You”: the educational project promoted by Regina and WWF Italy for the 2030 Agenda

The winning schools of “I’ll Take Care of You”: the educational project promoted by Regina and WWF Italy for the 2030 Agenda

The seventh edition of the initiative that involved schools, students and families to discover the wonders of the forests together with WWF Italy and Regina (Sofidel Group) ended successfully and with huge participation.

Nearly 7,000 classes from primary and junior high schools and over 148,000 students signed up for the 2020/21 edition of I’ll Take Care of You” (“Mi Curo di Te”) the educational project promoted by WWF Italy and Regina (Sofidel Group) to discover, get to know and love our Planet, starting from forests and the knowledge of the UN 2030 Agenda.

Among all the schools that have decided to take part in the initiative, the first place goes to the C.D. “S. D. Savio – T. Fiore” primary school of Gravina in Puglia (Bari) and the Angri Galvani-Opromolla junior high school of Angri (Salerno), which receive 1,000 euros each in shopping vouchers to be used in educational materials, in addition to a rich supply of Regina products and access for teachers to OnePlanetSchool, WWF Italy’s platform for permanent and innovative learning and knowledge, useful for an in-depth analysis of the mechanisms that regulate the Planet that hosts and sustains us.

The G. Pallavicini primary school of Rome and the I.C. Maneri Ingrassia-Don Milani junior high school of Palermo obtained the second place and a prize of 600 euros in shopping vouchers for educational material;while the schools that obtained the third place,that is the IC G. Marconi Paternò primary school of Paternò (Catania) and the P. Mattej junior high school of Formia (Latina),will receive a voucher of 400 euros. The second and third place winners, both primary and junior high schools, will also receive a rich supply of Regina products and access for teachers to WWF Italy’s OnePlanetSchool platform.

Once again, the “I’ll Take Care of You” project has showcased the lively interest and full involvement among the new generations in topics that concern the respect for and protection of our Planet,” comments Elena Faccio, Sofidel Creative, Communication & CSR Director. “The Regina brand, together with WWF Italy, will therefore continue to commit itself to this educational path, proud to be able to make a useful contribution to helping young people be more aware and prepared to face a future in harmony with the environment.”

Benedetta Flammini, Marketing and Communication Director of WWF Italy, also commented on the initiative: “Bringing the younger generations closer to a natural environment that is so much a part of our culture such as forests, by representing their charm, valuable functions, threats and solutions, many of which are within the reach of the younger generations, and having raised the awareness of so many classes and teachers, whom are true multipliers of what they have acquired for their own communities, can only confirm the positive assessment of a project that we can say is both historic and new, I’ll Take Care of You”.

Classes had the opportunity to sign up for the initiative until May 31. After studying the topic of biodiversity and forest protection, the students created an essay that enhanced their creativity and the involvement of teachers and families. Primary schools were asked to design a poster that illustrated their journey in the classroom, focusing on the details and curiosities that struck them most and on the emotions and experiences shared together. Junior high schools, on the other hand, created a class slogan aimed at raising awareness on the importance of forests.

“I’ll Take Care of You” is a multi-year educational project that aims at making the new generations aware of the connections between everyday gestures and major global phenomena, stimulating curiosity, and motivating the adoption of sustainable behavior.

Full of in-depth information and activities, the program is aimed at primary and junior high schools in Italy. Teachers, students, and families could use a variety of educational tools and digital games both at school and at home, designed to raise awareness on the care and respect for the environment. Plus, there is an exceptional mascot – Milla, the ant that stars in the Regina Cartacamomilla toilet paper commercials.

“I’ll Take Care of You” also integrates with the new Italian ministerial guidelines for teaching Civics, a new compulsory discipline that revolves around three fundamental pillars: Digital Citizenship, the Constitution, and Sustainability.

The initiative, created in 2014, has involved about 380,000 children and young people in total: new generations who, together with Sofidel-Regina and WWF Italy, have been able to understand, study and express their creativity around an urgent and priority issue such as the protection of the Planet.

The project is ready to start again with the new school year: the theme of the next edition is “Climate and climate change”: a reflection on issues such as global warming, greenhouse gas emissions, the melting and study of glaciers, the effects on the environment and the challenges that science is facing.

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