The night is tinged with nature with Sofidel’s oases by night for the ReNature Italy project of WWF Italy

The night is tinged with nature with Sofidel’s oases by night for the ReNature Italy project of WWF Italy

For the summer months, many events promoted by Sofidel in WWF Oases throughout Italy: to be experienced during the most mysterious hours of the day, but not only

Porcari, Lucca (Italy), July 19, 2022 – Owls, bats, wolves, shooting stars, oases at sunset… have you ever thought about going into a nature reserve at sunset or even at night?

If you are fascinated by the idea of living an atmospheric experience in nature and outside the usual schedule, the special occasion comes with the Oases by Night with Sofidel, a series of nighttime activities included among the many events organized in 15 WWF Oases during the summer months to celebrate 15 years of collaboration between Sofidel, one of the world leader in the production of paper for hygienic and domestic use, particularly well-known in Italy and Europe for its Regina brand, and WWF Italy.

Summer events in WWF Oases are part of ReNature Italy. Let’s Regenerate Italy’s Nature, WWF’s project, which Sofidel joins by directly supporting 15 WWF Oases in Italy, created with the aim of protecting and regenerating the natural capital of the country, reversing the loss of biodiversity and fostering the coexistence of man and nature, for the benefit of current and future generations.

In the rich calendar of activities, those at night are expected to be among the most fascinating and special:

Guardiaregia-Campochiaro Oasis (Campobasso)

Saturday, July 23 “On the Trail of the Wolf – Wolf Howling Night”: An evening wolf howling event at the Oasis, led by a wolf expert naturalist, to learn about the world of this animal species within their habitat and listen to their wonderful howling.

Sagittarius Gorge Oasis (L’Aquila)

Saturday, July 23 “What do owls eat?”: An afternoon event dedicated to children discovering owls, among the most important and fascinating nocturnal birds of prey. The activity will allow people to learn all about these majestic birds, particularly what they are fond of and how they manage to eat in the dark of night.

Ghirardi Oasis (Parma)

Friday, August 12 “The Tears of St. Lawrence: A unique experience on the night of the Hesperides, the cloud of cosmic dust and debris traversed by Earth’s orbit each year, which gives rise to the meteor shower or, more poetically, shooting stars. Lying down on the lawn next to the visitor center, you will be able to observe the phenomenon together with experts on the day of maximum intensity. Planets will also be observed through the telescope provided.

Friday, August 27 “Flights in the Night”: Guided nature tour on the occasion of ‘World Bat Day’, discovering the secret inhabitants of summer nights: moths and bats. With the help of tools such as ultraviolet light lamps and bat-detectors, we will go in search of these two groups of animals, prey and predators, to discover how evolution made them adapted to hunt and escape in the secrecy of darkness. How to help scientific research by reporting your observations through the iNaturalist app will also be explained.

Oasis of Alviano (Terni)

In early September “In the Oasis at Sunset”: A beautiful evening to enjoy the beauty of nature at its best at the end of summer: a walk in the Oasis at sunset, with a convivial dinner and stargazing.

In addition to these, the other WWF Oases that Sofidel directly cares for and where the other summer events will take place are:

  • Valtrigona Oasis (Trento)
  • Vanzago Oasis (Milan)
  • Valpredina Oasis (Bergamo)
  • Valmanera Oasis (Asti)
  • Montovolo Oasis (Bologna)
  • Macchiagrande Oasis (Rome)
  • San Silvestro Oasis (Caserta)
  • Monte Arcosu Oasis (Cagliari)

Many appointments for a journey of discovery through the natural beauty of Italy’s territories. Search for the WWF Oasis nearest you to find out about all upcoming events!

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