Sofidel bets on the young, the key resource for a sustainable future

Sofidel bets on the young, the key resource for a sustainable future
  • Sofidel, the world’s leading company in the production of paper for hygienic and domestic use, presents “LaNostraCartaMigliore” (“Our Best Card”), a programme of concrete actions that the company is undertaking to help the planet and emphasise the role of young people in building a more sustainable and inclusive future.
  • To support this initiative, the survey “Sustainable Development: young people, life and work” is being promoted by Sofidel in collaboration with the Osservatorio Giovani dell’IstitutoToniolo.
  • In addition, with the podcast series “My future is green: the green professions”, Sofidel is giving a voice to young people, their stories and their choices, so that they can be the inspiration and motivation for other young people.

The action programme launched by Sofidel (the company best known for the Regina brand) to give voice and force to the demand for change that is emerging from society is entitled #LaNostraCartaMigliore (“Our Best Card”).

#LaNostraCartaMigliore takes the form of actions implemented by Sofidel for the promotion of sustainable development and in favour of young people, two fronts on which the company has always worked. With this hashtag, Sofidel is displaying its commitment to respect and safeguard the Planet and to support the role of the new generations in building the world of the future. Their energy, their passion and their ideals.

#LaNostraCartaMigliore is also a call to action. Suspended between the pandemic and the future, this is the time to have the courage, moral strength and determination to look forward to tomorrow with positivity and confidence. Businesses, institutions and citizens, we are all called on to be an active part of the change. Ready to play our best cards. And that’s what young people are: today more than ever, they are a resource to be valued in constructing a new future. A good future.

“With their intelligence, sensibility and awareness, young people are a precious resource. They are the ones who are risking the most but they are also the ones who most fully understand what is at stake. They are best placed to realise what has not yet happened and what may happen in the future. The ones most capable of finding new paths. #LaNostraCartaMigliore seeks to be a gesture of openness to the future, of faith in tomorrow. We have found courageous young men and woman who can see the opportunities in the transformation underway. Who want to play an active part in building a more equitable future and a healthier Planet. Determined in wanting to bring dreams and reality together. In finding new ways to take part in building the common good. Of wellbeing for all”, said Luigi Lazzareschi, Sofidel’s Chief Executive Officer. For this reason, we wanted to offer them space to tell their stories so we launched a new initiative close to young people in their own language and culture: a series of podcasts dedicated to the green professions that these young people have chosen with determination and passion. A way to share their stories, to see through new eyes, so that they can be the inspiration and motivation for other young people, and for all of us who need concrete hope and courage”.

1. Young people in tune with the future: the survey of the Osservatorio Giovani dell’Istituo Toniolo

The future, especially a good future, comes first and foremost from listening to the needs, dreams and commitment of young people. This is why Sofidel, in collaboration with the Osservatorio Giovani dell’Istituto Toniolo, the benchmark in Italy for surveys on the world of the young, has promoted the first Report dedicated to “Sustainable Development: young people, life and work”.

The survey (details attached) highlights the growing level of information and awareness among the young on issues of sustainable development (2 out of 3), trust in scientists and experts (82% of the sample say they listen to them), their openness to change and innovation (84%) and the desire to actively contribute by working to build the common good (60% among the youngest). A snapshot that helps understand how the latest generations (young men and women between the ages of 18 and 34) have incorporated sustainability in the horizon of their lives and know how to combine pragmatism and idealism, quality of life and ambitions.

Passion for nature is a particular concern. Most young people say they seize every opportunity to be in contact with nature (77%) and the desire to live close to nature in the future (79%). Moreover, one young person in every three wants a job that allows them to be in contact with nature. Numbers that reflect an absolutely innovative attitude, combined with the activism of this generation, who almost all regard themselves as active subjects and generators of new solutions (87%).

On the work front, young people, while concerned about the type of contract and pay, say they would prefer to take a job with a company with values that they agree with (60%). Finally, particular importance is given to the commitment of companies to sustainability. Among the main concepts that, according to the new generations, should guide companies in the future are the wellbeing of the workers, the ethical dimension (especially honesty) and environmental sustainability.

2. “My future is green: the green professions”: the podcasts that give young people a voice

After listening closely to them, Sofidel is giving a platform for young people to speak out. And it is doing so with a series of podcasts in a language close to their culture and sensibility. Young people talking to other young people about their “best card”.

Eight episodes (see link of around ten minutes each, sharing the stories of eight young men and women who have been able to transform their love for nature into a “green profession” that is good for the planet. Courageous young people who are committed to achieving their dreams of building a future consistent with their values. True stories that can inspire, motivate and encourage many other young men and women.

The narration of Stefano Fresi alternates with the voices of young people in the discovery of what are still little-known professions. From an expert in forest therapy to someone who studies the phenomenon of climate change. From an expert in sustainable tourism to a specialist in renewable energy. From a tree-climbing arborist to a geologist engaged in studying the consequences of fires on pollution. From a sustainability analyst to a naturalist who photographs animals and is involved in disseminating scientific knowledge.

Stories of passion and expertise that can be heard on Spotify, Apple Podcast and Spreaker.

3. Sofidel’s commitment to a sustainable future

#LaNostraCartaMigliore is Sofidel’s commitment to build a better future and progress as human beings. For the company, this means putting sustainability at the centre of its business model to generate economic, environmental and social value.

Specifically, Sofidel has set itself five priorities:

  • The reduction of its own climate altering emissions (-40% in 2030 compared to 2018) by increasing the use of electricity from renewable sources.
  • The involvement of its suppliers in the fight against climate change and in the commitment to improve sustainability standards;
  • The use of only 100% cellulose, certified by independent third parties through forestry certification schemes: FSC®, FSC Controlled Wood, PEFC™;
  • A 50% reduction in the use of conventional plastic by 2030 (compared to 2013), thanks to the introduction of new packaging in kraft paper and the use of bioplastics and recycled plastics;
  • Support for young people through a wide range of initiatives, such as the collaboration with Pisa University and numerous secondary schools in the territory, the educational project “Mi curo di Te” (“I’ll take care of you”), developed in collaboration with the WWF to increase the awareness of the new generations on the main environmental challenges that we are facing, and this new initiative “My future is green: the green professions” to give support and value the role of young people in building a sustainable future.

At stake is the future of our Planet. The sustainability of the impact of human activity on the balance of nature. Sofidel intends to rise to this challenge and collaborate in transformative change. In the construction of a more sustainable, equitable and inclusive future.

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