Sofidel and Nissan together to develop sustainable mobility

Sofidel and Nissan together to develop sustainable mobility

The first corporate car sharing service through Nissan management platform based on an app named Glide has been activated

4 Nissan LEAF vehicles and 8 electric charging stations in Sofidel plants in Italy to support corporate and private needs

Also included incentives for Sofidel employees to purchase electric cars privately together with a year of free recharging

Sofidel and Nissan together for sustainable mobility. Through an electric mobility agreement signed with Nissan, by means of Lucca Nissan CFL dealer, Sofidel strengthens its commitment to limiting climate-changing emissions, looking to sustainable mobility also for its own fleet of cars.

A step forward towards sustainable mobility that is not just about the purchase of 4 full-electric Nissan LEAF vehicles, but consists in an integrated approach towards sustainability. Sofidel is the first private business in Italy to adopt a car sharing system based on a Nissan-owned management platform based on an app named Glide, that allows simple geolocation of vehicle and straightforward identification of their availability.

Three of the new cars will go to the Soffass Cartiera via Giuseppe Lazzareschi plant in Porcari (Lucca) and one to the Soffass Monfalcone plant, in the province of Gorizia. The Nissan LEAF fleet – equipped with a 30 kW battery and a range up to 250 kilometers** – will provide employees with zero-emissions work-related transport, as well as favourable conditions (in terms of access) in restricted-traffic areas.

Moreover, Sofidel has specifically installed 6 dedicated electric charging stations in the Soffass Cartiera via Giuseppe Lazzareschi plant in Porcari and 2 in the Monfalcone plant. Half of them will be made available for the private cars of the Group employees, for the purpose of incentivising sustainable mobility to and from the workplace as well.

To this end, as part of the agreement with Nissan Italia through Nissan CFL dealer, Sofidel employees can also take advantage of specific incentives for purchasing electric cars from the same company, together with the possibility of recharging the vehicle in the two plants free of charge for a year.

“This is, once again, a way of looking to the future by raising awareness of the use of more environmentally sustainable vehicles, of more effective sharing systems and more in line with the current social demands”, commented Luigi Lazzareschi, CEO of the Sofidel Group.  

Sofidel, the tissue production group known for the Regina brand, implemented a sustainable environmental development strategy some time ago, within which limiting climate-changing emissions is one of the three fundamental pillars.

Sofidel is the first tissue company in the world to sign up to the WWF Climate Savers programme, and has committed to limiting direct emissions of CO2 per tonne of paper produced by 23% by 2020. In 2016, compared to 2009, Sofidel has already reduced its carbon intensity by 19.1%.

Through this agreement, the 360° concrete commitment by Nissan to develop a smart mobility that is sustainable, safe and connected continues. In this direction goes the first electric car sharing service developed by Nissan on a dedicated platform based on an app, and implemented in a private business – after the public body “Italian Institute of Technology” in Genoa. It is a zero emissions mobility solution shared with Sofidel, that confirms itself as one of the most committed companies in GHG gases reduction.

Nissan is pioneer and leader in zero emissions mobility, introducing the first full-electric vehicle for the mass market, Nissan LEAF, that is the most sold globally with over 277,000 units and more than three billions of kilometers run.

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