Regina, a new adv campaign to tell its commitment to sustainable development

Regina, a new adv campaign to tell its commitment to sustainable development

The 30″ video is now online with shorter versions at 15″ and 6″.

2 November 2021, Porcari (Lucca, Italy) – There’s a time for everything. Including a time to tell our commitment to sustainability. Especially when the whole world is looking to ecological transition as one of the central issues for building a positive future.

Sosteniamo(We Support) is the title of the new online advertising campaign launched in Italy on the first of November by Regina, the best-known brand of the Sofidel portfolio, a world leader in the production of paper for hygienic and domestic use. The goal: to make people increasingly aware that, behind every sheet of Regina paper, “there is much more”: that is, the constant commitment to people’s quality of life and the protection of the balance of nature.

Created by Grey, the campaign is being launched at the same time as COP26, the global conference on the climate currently being held in Glasgow, Scotland. It is no coincidence. Because Regina toilet paper, paper towels, handkerchiefs/tissues and napkins are designed to offer simple and effective hygiene solutions that fully safeguard the balance of the planet’s ecosystem. Little everyday certainties on which to depend knowing, at the same time, that Regina uses in its production only cellulose from certified forests, limits CO2 emissions to the utmost, reduces the use of plastic in its packaging and avoids wasting water.

“We are committed to improving the wider oikos – which means the life of families, their homes and our shared home: the Earth – and, for the first time, we are delighted to tell this to our consumers, who are very concerned about sustainability issues. So, we are turning to advertising with a campaign focused on Regina’s commitment to protecting the environment. From our point of view, it is also a way of promoting increased awareness among people on issues that, at every level, are central and inescapable. For everyone. For our part, the search for reliable hygiene solutions that simplify life and placing the maximum focus on the natural capital are two maxims that guide us in offering innovative products and integral well-being,” said Francesco Pastore, Sofidel’s Chief Marketing & Sales Officer.

The campaign features normal people, like all of us, dealing with typical moments of family life and with little mishaps in the home, the sort that happen every day: a child who suddenly turns out to be an artist, daubing the glass of a window, a cake fresh from the oven dropped by the cook that ends up on the floor, a pan on the hob that, in a moment of distraction, goes up in smoke. Whatever happens, though, in line with the strategic and creative platform that has steered the brand’s advertising for four years, Regina offers the certainty that it “supports” everyone in such situations, helping them to put everything in the house in order rapidly and without waste.

But situations in the home are just the beginning because the voice-over tells us about the “much more”: Regina is also committed to responsibly taking care of a much bigger house, which belongs to everyone: our planet. The only one we have. The one we must protect. The one for which the world is now looking hopefully to COP26.

The 30″ video is now online with shorter versions at 15″ and 6″ aimed at specific targets: from those most aware of environmental issue to lovers of cooking, from families with children to younger consumers.

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