Consumer Brands

In the Consumer market segment, Sofidel operates with numerous brands, whose features have enabled continued loyalty from consumers and the acquisition of a leading position on major European markets.

Sofidel Group’s most famous brand

Toilet paper, kitchen towels, napkins, handkerchiefs and tissues: the Regina products, synonymous with hygiene and quality, are now present all over Europe. A success due to the guarantee of performance that, in over 30 years of history, has won the loyalty of thousands of families. In particular, the Regina products have become authentic pop icons among consumer goods in Italy.

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A pioneer in the kitchen towel market, it has been operating in France since the 1940s

White, decorated, compact, multi-purpose, specially designed for use in the kitchen and for house cleaning, this paper towel is also available with “tailor-made” sheets for large and small needs. Sopalin rolls have always been an essential product in the everyday life of French families.

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Le Trèfle

Synonymous with innovation, quality and originality in France since 1904

Toilet paper and handkerchiefs: the Le Trèfle product range is aimed at consumers who are particularly attentive to quality. Each Le Trèfle paper layer always has something special.

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The reliable, durable and absorbent kitchen paper

DICK&DURSTIG is the kitchen paper sold in Germany that makes reliability, durability and absorbency its hallmarks. DICK&DURSTIG products have been awarded the FSC® label. This certification guarantees that the pulp obtained for our kitchen paper comes from exemplary managed forests and other controlled sources.

One of Germany's most beloved brands in the toilet paper and moist toilet tissue market

Hakle – manufactured since 1928 and still one of the most popular toilet paper brands in Germany – invented moist toilet paper in 1977. More recent innovations include the use of a percentage of grass as a natural and renewable raw material in production.

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Handkerchiefs, toilet paper and tissues: a byword for softness in Germany and Austria

The Softis brand has always synonymous with softness. By exploiting its fame, along with handkerchiefs and tissues, the Softis product range also includes an exclusive toilet paper made with a patented technology that gives it a unique softness.

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Inspired by nature, a complete range of tissue paper products for Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg

Toilet paper, kitchen towels, paper handkerchiefs and tissues: every need is satisfied with Nalys products, which have always been synonymous with quality thanks to the use of excellent and sustainable raw materials.

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The comfortable toilet paper par excellence in Belgium

Thanks to the extraordinary softness and thickness of its layers, the toilet papers from the Cosynel product range guarantee comfort and hygiene every day.

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The most loved toilet paper in Ireland

Manufactured with a delicate heart-shaped texture, the KittenSoft range has conquered Irish families thanks to its proverbial softness. Just like that of kittens that have always been featured on packaging.

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A brand focused on quality and environment protection, designed for the Scandinavian market

The nice bears of the Swedish Lycke Family featured on the product packaging show the environmental commitment, which goes hand in hand with the excellent quality and focus on the consumer.

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