Private Label


Sofidel managed to position its product range with special focus on environmental and social responsibility also in the field of products made for private labels for supermarkets.
In the private label line of business, the Group is in the high end of the market (Premium and Luxury), providing innovative products that often make use of patents registered by Sofidel and technology, such as Through Air Drying (TAD). Besides making products to be marketed with the distributor’s brand, the Group also includes brands, such as Nicky, Valenty, Florex, Dayly, Nicky Talent and Temis, which have always been used as “temporary support” by large-scale distribution whilst waiting to develop its own brands.
Partnerships with the organised large-scale distribution are facilitated by the acquisition of important certifications aiming at ensuring safety, quality and legality of the products [BRC® (British Retail Consortium), Consumer Products e IFS/ HPC (International Featured Standards – Household and Personal Care products)] and of raw materials [FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®), FSC® Controlled Wood (Forest Stewardship Council®), PEFC™ (Program for Endorsment of forest Certification), SFI® (Sustainable Forestry Initiative®) and Ecolabel®.


nicky nicky A complete line of products used by large retailers as a “temporary support” while they develop their own private label.