Responsible Consumption and Production


Containing environmental impacts, reducing waste and promoting responsible consumption are the core values underpinning Sofidel’s development policies.

The objective is to create products with an ever shrinking ecological footprint and which perform better at the same time; products that contain lower amounts of natural capital thanks to the higher functional qualities of the production plants and technologies used.

Innovation is a fundamental component of Sofidel products, even in an apparently “low-level” product category, innovation conceals substantial research and development work to give consumers better performing, more hygienic and more sustainable products.

A case in point is the Rotoloni Regina, the product which contributed most to Sofidel’s success. Introduced onto the market at the beginning of the 90s, the Rotoloni with more than double the number of sheets compared with the competition were the first maxi-rolls on the market. An innovation that led Nielsen, the global reference company for information on the distribution of consumer goods, to create a new, specific product category. In fact, the Rotoloni have met with the approval of retailers, who have been able to optimise the productivity of their shelves, and of consumers, due to the lower number of replacements required. There are also logistical and environmental benefits, thanks to handling larger quantities of paper in the same transport volume.

Sofidel is now again working to develop, together with our partners, a new generation of products designed once again to change established customs and market habits.

Working on multiple factors – from the quality of the fibre mix used to the new technologies available (NTT Valmet in the paper mill and Constellation in the converting plant) from further improvements in logistics services to strengthening collaboration with large retailers in the points of sale – the Group is working on the thickness and number of paper layers to offer the markets products which have the highest level of performance and which offer greater efficiency of the production process, with consequent advantages in terms of environmental sustainability. To date, implementation is still in its initial stages and it will take time, not least because the aim of the project is to offer advantages to all stakeholders in the supply chain, based on an approach that maximises benefits for all those involved.

In this sense, the “new Sofidel product” will also be innovative in the creation, development and implementation processes, supporting a corporate approach focussed on the creation of shared value along the entire value creation chain.


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