Good health and well-being

Good Health and Wellbeing

Sofidel has always promoted a culture of health, from our production facilities to the health and hygiene properties of our finished products, up until their distribution.

Sofidel is committed to increasing the occupational safety of our employees: from protecting and promoting their health and physical and mental health to caring for their well-being. This is why Sofidel joined World Health Promotion, the World Health Organisation’s programme for the promotion of healthy lifestyles.

Sofidel believes that a real and lasting improvement in the well-being of workers can be achieved through the improvement of the environment and working arrangements; the promotion of active participation; the encouragement of personal development and the adoption of healthier lifestyles.

In 2016, the “Sofidel People” project was launched for the company’s staff. It is a project which is about both listening and the effective rooting of three important projects, with the main objective of making employees live and work together better: a project for simplification, communication and organisation.

Sofidel’s approach to human resource management focuses on developing people and their integration into the company’s organisational culture and is firmly based on the principles of the Code of Ethics.

Being aware of the dramatic importance of the problem of road safety, Sofidel recently felt duty bound to make a commitment on this front too, given the large number of vehicles that transport our products on Europe’s roads every year (35,000 trucks in Italy; around 185,000 in Europe). This has led to the Alcohol-Free Truck, a unique and innovative project in the tissue sector that promotes a policy to protect and safeguard road safety and safety in the workplace linked to the abuse of alcohol.

Our projects for good health and well-being

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