We act for change, others wait for it. Who are we? Millennials

We act for change, others wait for it. Who are we? Millennials

by Ylenia Esther Yashar, member of the CSRnatives network

Generations born between 1980 and 2000 are faced with the consequences of serious environmental negligence, both on the part of previous government polices and citizens with little awareness or willingness to act on the matter. To unite them from all corners of the globe, there are attempts to form a proactive community to mediate between the often misunderstood environmentalists of the 1970s and 80s and people who evade the issue by saying “it’s already too late to do anything” or “it’s not my problem – it’s the next generation’s problem”. To preserve species and use resources responsibly, however, we need the help not just of individual citizens who, through small daily changes can help to prevent the situation from getting any worse: a key role must be played by the private sector.

Companies are called to an international appeal, today more than ever, to exceed minimum legislative requirements in safeguarding ecosystems by changing their production processes, rather than just saying the right things at conferences and events. Investments in energy from renewable sources and in a product life cycle assessment (looking at environmental, social and economic sustainability) are just the first steps in completely revolutionising the modus operandi that has characterised business over the last few centuries. Companies should be aware that the road is fraught with challenges, but consumers, on the other hand, know how to reward true and transparent commitment.

If you have great ideas, passion and desire to innovate, join CSRnatives, a network of more than 150 students and graduates in subjects relating to ethical business, sustainable economy and corporate social responsibility. It is Italy’s first network of young people active in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility. We have been working for two and a half years to educate our fellow students and whoever else wants to learn more thanks to our e-books. The third e-book (out in December) will be dedicated to environmental sustainability.

We are committed to profitable and synergistic collaboration in order to act immediately and consciously to save the only planet we have.