From communication to education

From communication to education

Not everything changes in the same way, even in retail. Even for large retailers, where technological innovation has changed the way we shop, some things have not changed since the 1980s: some direct communication tools in particular, with reference to promotional marketing strategies.

Alongside the development of online channels such as websites and Apps – from 2020, among other things, the “legendary” IKEA catalogue will no longer be sent directly to homes as a hard copy – one tool, for example, considered essential by many brands remains: the “flyer“, a weekly publication with products and promotions, distributed to homes within a certain distance from the supermarket.

Investments in classic advertising are also continuing, albeit at a lower level than before, but pages and double pages, as well as radio and TV commercials – with rare exceptions – still focus mainly on the current promotion and on “quality and convenience” together.

Some signs of innovation come from “educational” communication: many brands have created initiatives dedicated to consumer education, especially in the food sector. They range from encouraging the consumption of seasonal fruit and vegetables to raising awareness about the subject of work, to making the most of local products and respect for the environment.

Will it be this “educational” commitment that transforms the communication of the large retail sector?