The government is also going green

The government is also going green

Have you ever heard of GPP? It is not a new online acronym, but that of Green Public Procurement, green purchasing in government.
Recently arrived in Italy, it provides for the introduction of criteria to reduce environmental impact into the purchasing policies of goods and services for public bodies.

The three production cycles.
Three production cycles are involved: the production cycle, where it is important to reduce the use of raw materials and energy; the consumption cycle, where it is essential to reduce emissions and risks to human health; and the disposal cycle, where importance is given to life span, possibility of reuse and reduced waste production.

A virtuous circle for everyone.
GPP is also important for two other reasons: the first is that the government can set an example; the second is that it can contribute to significantly changing the market. Expenditure on purchases of goods and services in the public sector is estimated at around 15% of GDP in Italy.
A change of direction for the government could therefore bring benefits to the entire economic system.

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