Green kilometre, work in progress

Green kilometre, work in progress

The A1 motorway (Milan – Rome – Naples) was one of the great development tools for the Italian economy. However, this factor has also led to some problems over time. Environmental problems, for example. In the Po Valley section of the motorway 20% of the pollution comes from particulate matter, and the High Speed Rail Link, which runs alongside it, amplifies the impact of this pollution through the air displacement generated by the passage of trains.

Defending ourselves using trees.
Parma often has to deal with high levels of pollution. A partial solution to the problem was found with the creation of Kilometro Verde (Green Kilometre), a wooded park to reduce pollutants and give value to the territory. The aim is to create a plant barrier, a tree-lined strip parallel to the A1 motorway section that crosses the municipality of Parma, to reduce pollution, in particular from PM10.

An enterprising idea.
The idea came from a local enterprise, Davines. This project has been supported by several companies such as Barilla, Chiesi and many others who created the association “Parma, count me in!” The initiative has the support of the Municipality of Parma, and the Ministry for the Environment and the Emilia-Romagna Region have been involved.

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