“4goodfood”, a valuable partnership

“4goodfood”, a valuable partnership

Sometimes it takes time to obtain great results. And sometimes, results come quickly. As in the case of Costa Crociere’s “4GoodFood” project, developed in collaboration with Fondazione Banco Alimentare, Cittadinanzattiva, Fondazione Slow Food per la Biodiversità, the Pollenzo University for the Study of Gastronomic Science and Winnow.

An ambitious goal
The challenge is a significant one. By 2020 Costa Crociere is committed to halving food wastage on board its ships. A goal of major value for a company which serves 54 million meals every year, with about two million guests and 19,000 crew members.

Getting ahead of the game to beat the field
The initiative, already piloted on the Costa Diadema, has achieved a halving of food wastage on the ship within 11 months. It will now be extended to the whole fleet, with the aim of disseminating a culture of responsible consumption, improving food preparation processes on board and engaging guests and the ships’ crews. A project with which Costa Crociera is ahead of the game: the company in fact intends to achieve the UN 2030 Agenda goals ten years early.

On land as at sea
According to the FAO, about a third of the food produced every year for human consumption, about 1.3 billion tonnes, is lost or wasted.This project, unique in the maritime sector, is an example of how collaboration between different entities can produce positive results. Not only at sea but also on land.

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