Sky Academy, the commitment of a large group

<i>Sky Academy</i>, the commitment of a large group

In recent years there have been some interesting media education initiatives in Italy, such as Sky Academy, the sustainability project of the pay TV platform Sky Italia, dedicated to primary and secondary schools, which provides educational workshops for students aged from 8 to 18. Using an interactive learning experience, the company provides the young people involved with the necessary tools to deal with the news in a more aware and critical way.

The project was started in 2016 and hosts two classes a day at Sky Academy Studios, involving them in a media-educational workshop that allows students to fact check, using simple yet professional technological tools, in order to distinguish facts from opinions and recognize fake news.

During their visit to the Sky Academy, children also discover that camera operators, producers and filmmakers are needed, among others, in order to make television programmes. There are, in fact, many professionals who revolve around the world of television and without whom it would not be possible to broadcast. During the workshop the students are asked to play different roles, in some cases backstage roles, to understand that TV is not only what we see on the screen but is the result of complex team work that takes place behind the scenes.

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