Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables

<i>Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables</i>

Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables is an unusual campaign, started a few years ago by the French supermarket chain Intermarché, which has already gone down in advertising history. The campaign stars imperfect fruit and vegetables (“moches” from the French for “ugly”), products excluded from sale because they are different and unusual such as “the grotesque apple”, “the ridiculous potato”, “the ugly carrot”, “the hideous orange”, “the failed lemon” or “the disfigured eggplant”.

Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables promotes the purchase not only of fruit and vegetables that are not aesthetically perfect (sold at 30% less), but also of juices and soups produced using these unusually shaped produce.

In some stores, Intermarché also organised tasting events to help consumers understand that the aesthetic appearance of the product doesn’t in any way affect its quality. A campaign to reduce food waste that is also an interesting example of creativity: it is possible to raise awareness by raising a smile.

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