Hand washing is a game.

Hand washing is a game.

Children explore the world with their hands. But that’s not all. In India, for example, they also use them to eat. For this very reason, being unable to wash them properly using soap leads to health problems, especially in rural areas of the country.

Soap enclosing an idea.
In India, only one school in ten provides its students with soap. Savolon India, a leading company in the production of sanitizing soaps, has found a way to overcome this problem. How? Since children in rural areas are used to using chalk for writing or exercises, the company has thought of adding soap directly to the chalk.

Health in the hands of children.
Chalk made from a mixture of chalk powder and soap granules can be used to write normally during lessons; at lunchtime when the children wash their hands full of chalk, when the latter comes into contact with water, it turns into soap and foam.
The “chalk” has been donated to over 100 schools in 22 Indian cities, but many more have already applied for them.

Watch the video #SavlonHealthyHands

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