SOFT&GREEN Circular economy

A new type of zero kilometre

Let’s imagine that we are in a restaurant and that we are offered a zero kilometre menu. In addition to the advantage of eating food that has had presumably shorter transport and storage times, we are also convinced that what is under our eyes is more “easily monitored”.

A measurable relationship.
A similar principle also applies to companies: every organisation has a local territory, a community over which it has influence and which, in turn, influences it. A relationship that can also be measured.

A tool that can report.
In English, we talk about accountability. Companies use appropriate reporting tools, such as the Integrated Report, not only to present their strategies but also to measure the impacts of their activities and be accountable for them in the eyes of the community.

Territory is the measure of all things.
Many organisations are starting to measure their impact on the territory: in economic (e.g. the value generated in terms of employment and related industries), environmental (the impacts generated) and social terms (actions for citizens’ well-being). A virtuous procedure: “act and measure in order to act again” in a steady increase of qualitative outputs.


Sofidel Integrated Report

Since 2011, Sofidel has adopted the Integrated Report as a single reporting tool. Thanks to the Integrated Report each stakeholder can personally assess the economic, social and environmental value of the daily work of more than 6000 people. For more information, download Sofidel Integrated Report.