“Making everyday life tidier, cleaner, safer, more practical and pleasant by investing in people and innovation and promoting conduct based on sustainability, commercial transparency and respect for regulations, with the aim of creating value for customers, employees, partners, shareholders and the community.”

The strategic objectives that the company has set for itself over the coming years stem from the statement contained in the Sofidel Group company mission, and from all the values described in this page.
These include, in terms of the battle against climatic changes, the new WWF Climate Savers objectives for 2020:

  • -23% of direct emissions compared to 2009 for every tonne of paper (equivalent to approximately 900K tonnes of CO2, equivalent to the emissions of a fleet of 10K HGVs travelling 10000 km a year for 10 years);
  • -13% of indirect emissions compared to 2010 (emissions caused by third parties, along its value chain) for each tonne of paper;
  • 8% of renewable sources of energy on the total amount of fuel consumed annually.


Sofidel-mission-lessismoreFrom the procurement of the raw materials to paper production, from distribution to sales activities, each daily activity of the Sofidel companies is inspired by a simple and clear guiding principle: Less is More, a slogan that captures the Group’s full commitment to give more in terms of values, products and services by reducing consumption, waste and negative impact on the environment and people’s lives.

In everyday life this means, for example, researching the most innovative solutions to reduce energy and water consumption, minimise CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, protect safety and health… In just a few words, promote development while respecting people’s present-day needs, without forgetting those of the future generations. Because our children will be the ones having to live in the world that we leave for them.

Values, choices, results, objectives...with the integrated budget of the Sofidel paper group, each stakeholder can personally assess the economic, social and environmental value of the daily work of more than 6,300 people. Because transparency is also a question of sustainability.

An anniversary is not only an opportunity to look over one's history and the results achieved over time, with due pride, but it is also a precious chance to re-confirm values, set new objectives and look to the future with optimism and trust.

Sofidel believes that businesses should play a vital role not only in terms of production and distribution of goods and services, but also in guaranteeing social and environmental benefits that are broader and longer lasting along the entire chain of value creation. This is why sustainability is a cornerstone and building block to Sofidel's modus operandi.