Innovation has always been part of our product DNA

This is a time of great transformation. New ways of producing and distributing goods. New methods of communicating and working. New habits and lifestyles. New social and environmental priorities. Sofidel is working to respond to the new needs of customers and people, also by developing a new generation of higher performance and more sustainable products.


Following the repositioning of the Regina brand, which took place at European level in the previous year, the aim in 2018 was to strengthen our new “Paper for People” positioning in all countries and to extend the new Wish product concept, designed to optimize paper segmentation and allow consumers to waste less paper, to other important brands such as Nalys and Sopalin.


Sustainable packaging

In working to improve the sustainability and environmental compatibility of its products – in line with UN Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goal 12 (Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns) – Sofidel is also contributing to the fight against overuse of plastics.

In the coming months, packaging made of renewable materials (such as Kraft or plastics produced from raw materials of vegetable origin) will be gradually introduced to replace plastic materials derived from oil.

The strategy pursued by the Private Label (PL) business line is centered on 3 concepts:

  • the development of “tailored” products;
  • the development of sustainable products (for example with no cardboard core, reduced size or less polyethylene packaging);
  • development of a stakeholder engagement initiative to open up to customers in a partnership relationship based on listening and sharing.


The strategy of the Away from Home (AFH) business line remains focused on added value sales, i.e. those product lines, under the Papernet brand, for which paper is a vehicle for offering the user solutions that lead, not so much to a reduction in product cost, but to reduced cost in use, which is what most interests large professional end customers.


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