Sofidel refreshes the Regina brand and launches the first Pan-European communications campaign

Sofidel refreshes the Regina brand and launches the first Pan-European communications campaign

The new campaign will be on air in Italy starting from Sunday, 8th October.

30 years after its launch on the Italian market, Sofidel refreshes the Regina brand with a new positioning and tag line and with consistent versions on international markets. The brand of the “Rolls that never end”, which has entered the hearts and homes of Italians also thanks to advertising campaigns that have made it a pop icon among consumer goods, is thus embarking on a new phase of expansion and development on European markets, with planning provided for 4 countries (UK, Ireland, Italy, Poland) by mid October.

Regina is making its international-level début with a single payoff, “Paper for People”, and a concept centered on emotion and the certainties that every individual needs in the place they feel most at ease, at home, certainties that only Regina products can offer thanks to their high level of quality and innovation.

“30 years after the launch, we’ve chosen to revisit the positioning of Regina, the brand that has played a leading role in enabling our growth to become the sixth global player and the second in Europe in the tissue sector” stated Luigi Lazzareschi, CEO of the Sofidel Group. “We’ve done so together with an extra step forward, lending it an unambiguous pan-European brand identity, since it’s now a market leader with international recognition.”

The first broadcast relates to the kitchen towel product line, with the Regina Blitz (for home cleaning, ideal for shiny surfaces, doesn’t leave any “lint”), Regina Wish (for the kitchen, lets you save paper, “hand-sized”) and Asciugoni (for the kitchen, super-absorbent, last more than twice as long as normal rolls) products.

Below, the subjects and on-air dates in the various countries:

-Italy, Regina Blitz: on air from 8 October
-UK, Regina Wish: on air from 16 October
-Ireland, Regina Wish: on air from 16 October
-Poland, Regina XXL (Asciugoni): already on air as of 18 September

The Regina refresh also involves a slight reworking of the historic logo and, starting from 2018, a new design for the packaging, with a clearer and more uniform hierarchy of elements and more rational presentation of information to help consumers choose the product, making the benefits more immediately evident. The new identity system will also make the texture of the tissue more visible and highlight the Sofidel quality and environmental sustainability guarantee. The transparency of the information on the label is a distinctive strong point for Regina.

A particularly important guarantee for a Group that has chosen to position itself within a premium segment and which has long put sustainability at the center of its business strategies, committing itself to limiting climate-changing emissions (including taking part in the WWF Climate Savers programme), to managing responsibly water resources and to procuring pulp certified by independent third parties with forestry certification schemes.

Sofidel’s progress on these fronts has been particularly significant: by the end of 2016 Sofidel had reduced its direct CO2 emissions by 19.1% (per kg of paper produced compared to 2009), could boast an average water use distinctly lower than that considered good practice for the sector (7.0 l/kg vs. 15–25 l/kg) and procures pulp solely with the following certifications: FSC®, FSC Controlled Wood, SFI®, PEFC™.

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