Sofidel for road safety: the “Alcohol Free Truck” project gets underway

Sofidel for road safety: the “Alcohol Free Truck” project gets underway

From today, drivers of vehicles entering Sofidel sites can have their alcohol level tested. The initiative, which will run in compliance with privacy regulations, has been set up to prevent road accidents and guarantee the safety of transported goods.

Sofidel confirms its commitment to promoting health and safety with the Alcohol Free Truck project, dedicated to monitoring the blood alcohol level of the truck drivers entering their production sites. The measurement, carried out in compliance with privacy regulations, and performed in accordance with the representatives of the suppliers to the paper production Group known in Italy for the Regina brand in particular, will be taken at dedicated stations set up at the sites.

The project involves the 35,000 vehicles in Italy used for road transport of the Group’s products each year. A means of transport still widely used due to the flexibility and range that it guarantees.

The Alcohol Free Truck project is part of a broader Memorandum of Understanding signed with the Italian State Police last November. The aim of the collaboration is to promote a culture of road safety, with activity in the areas of training, information and raising awareness for Sofidel employees and the staff of contractors on the risks of driving in less than perfect psychophysical conditions.

Recent estimates from the European Commission indicate the 1 in 4 road accidents is linked to abuse of alcoholic substances.

“Promoting a culture of health, from the production environments to the health and hygiene characteristics of our products, has always been one of our Group’s biggest aims,” stated Luigi Lazzareschi, CEO of Sofidel. “With Alcohol Free Truck, our aim on one hand is to prevent road accidents connected to the vehicles that transport our products and, on the other, is to raise awareness of the risks linked to alcohol abuse, encouraging the adoption of healthier lifestyles”.

 The Director of the Italian Road Policing Service Giuseppe Bisogno commented: “The joint commitment of the Road Police and Sofidel aims to promote the culture of correct road use, because prevention includes appreciation of the risk that results from irresponsible behaviour. There’s still a long way to go to achieve the most ambitious aim, to save as many human lives as possible. The alarming signs of growth in the victims of road accidents force the adoption of rigorous driver monitoring policies, both in terms of physical and mental capacity for driving and correct conduct. This demands effective awareness-raising activities to make people understand how important it is to adopt responsible driving behaviour for their and others’ safety”.

Sofidel, committed to promoting a culture of health and safety from the beginning, is also a partner of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA).

The Group aims to bring tangible social and environmental benefits to its stakeholders throughout the value chain, guaranteeing on one hand high comfort and hygiene standards, and on the other undertaking innovative projects to reduce climate-changing emissions and safeguard water and forest resources.

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