“Acting according to Nature”: the school project on protecting our planet is underway

“Acting according to Nature”: the school project on protecting our planet is underway

WWF and Regina (Sofidel Group) are opening the 10th edition of “Mi Curo di Te” (I’ll Take Care of You) with a new educational project inspired by BIOMIMETICS, to learn concrete actions and daily gestures by imitating the characteristics
and behavior of plants and animals.

Porcari, Lucca (Italy). September 26, 2023 Nature is a school: let’s take biodiversity as an example. This is the starting point of the 10th edition of Mi Curo di Te, the free environmental education program promoted by WWF Italy and Regina (Sofidel Group) aimedat Italian elementary schools to discover, learn about and respect our planet, learning how to act according to nature.

From 18 September 2023 to 30 April 2024, the latest edition of the school project will lead classes to discover biomimetics: how we can take examples from the behavior or characteristics of plants, animals and ecosystems to improve human activities and technologies and help safeguard our planet, asking ourselves “What can we learn from nature?” instead of “What can we take from it?”


An educational project organized into five modules with fact sheets and practical activities, as well as original web games,using technology to stimulate pupils and inspire an interest in nature. Some examples of how we can make a difference with simple actions in everyday life are also presented in the cartoon that accompanies the new edition of the project. We can be like the earthworm, which turns the fallen leaves it feeds on into compost, and give new life to things we no longer use. Or we can learn from the cat how to reduce waste. In winter cats protect themselves from the cold with a thicker coat, and just like the cat, we can wear heavier clothes and turn the heating down. In fact,“Mi Curo di Te” offers an in-depth look at Goal 12 of the UN’s Agenda 2030, “Responsible Consumption and Production”, explained in the classroom with numerous examples drawn from biomimetics.


Until 30 April 2024,Italian teachers can register their class on the dedicated website www.micurodite.it and download the teaching kit.At the end of the project, students will be able to unleash their creativity to create a design and enter the competition with lots of prizes on offer.

By 17 May 2024, from all the schools that have taken part with at least one design, five will be drawn to win an €800 shopping voucher for the purchase of educational materials. In addition, 10 more schools will be drawn to win Sofidel-Regina product kits. Also up for grabs are three laptop PCs which will be awarded to participating teachers also chosen through a random draw. Families and friends can also help. They can sign up for the program and take part in a survey available on the portal.

Elena Faccio,Sofidel Group Creative & Communication Director, commented on the initiative: “This year we are celebrating the tenth anniversary of “Mi Curo di Te”, a project that we care a great deal about and through which Sofidel and Regina, together with WWF Italy,  are making a concrete commitment to help educate new generations, creating awareness about the main environmental challenges the world is facing. The enduring nature of “Mi Curo di Te” and the success that has been repeated edition after edition since 2014 tells us how much the themes of sustainability and environmental protection are increasingly important to children and young people, but also to the teachers and families who guide and accompany them on this educational path.”

Martina Alemanno, Education Office Manager at WWF Italy,said:“Mi Curo di Te” is the educational program that offers young people and teachers the first tool for cultural change and education for a sustainable future. Not only environmental and ecological education, but also education in terms of solidarity, respect for life and all forms of diversity, and the honest and responsible use of resources. The new edition of the program, “Acting according to nature”, through education for global citizenship and sustainable development, involves a broadening of educational horizons and the introduction of a number of multidisciplinary perspectives, significant for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the UN’s Agenda 2030.”

Since 2014, more than 770,000 children and young people in Italy have taken part in “Mi Curo di Te”. Full information is available at www.micurodite.it

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