09 Sep 2014 News

Sopalin back on TV after 30 years absence!

Sopalin back on TV after 30 years absence! As of Sunday 28 September, the new Sopalin TV campaign will start in France and will be broadcast until November on several French TV channels and on the web.

Once again a Sofidel brand resorts to irony to promote its products and raise awareness of our everyday habits.

In the new Sopalin commercial, a woman is forced to use her imagination to make her husband get off the couch and… pull his weight around the house.

Entitled “Oh my Lord”, with the new slogan “Le Pouvoir est entre vos mains”, the campaign makes fun of the insufficient support given by men when it comes to housework like cleaning and vacuuming, doing the laundry, the ironing and even the cooking.

The cultural background ranges from “Games of Thrones” to “Excalibur”, the mythical sword of King Arthur.