08 Jul 2016 News

Sofidel Suppliers Sustainability Award

Sofidel Suppliers Sustainability Award On the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of its foundation (1966-2016), Sofidel has the pleasure to announce the first edition of the “Sofidel Suppliers Sustainability Award”.

The Award, which will be held on the 24th of November, is a yearly acknowledgement whose purpose is to promote the best practices and improvement actions on social and environmental responsibility carried out by national and international Sofidel Group Suppliers.

The event is addressed to Suppliers of the Group that stood out for their sustainability standards in responsibly managing the whole value chain.
This is focused on the “TenP – Sustainable Supply Chain Self-Assessment Platform” project, created and promoted by the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation (GCNI Foundation), of which the Group is a “Promoting Founding” member. The platform represents a self-assessment for performance evaluation: it was created following the Ten Principles (“TenP”) of the United Nations’ Global Compact.

The “Sofidel SSA” assigns three awards: two of them according to the score achieved on the TenP platform and another one focused on initiatives to improve the sustainability performance. In detail:
• The Best Supplier: it will be assigned to businesses achieving the best score on the TenP platform.
• The Best Improver: it will be reserved to businesses that have sensibly increased their result by adopting focused social/environmental sustainable procedures.
• The Best Sustainable project: it will be assigned to the business that has carried out particularly effective social and/or environmental sustainable initiatives, according to a defined business plan.

The registration notice is online on the “Sofidel Suppliers Sustainability Award” page.