27 Oct 2015 News

Sofidel receives the “Coop beyond Kyoto” award for sustainability

Sofidel receives the “Coop beyond Kyoto” award for sustainability Sofidel, with the company Delicarta, has received the “Coop beyond Kyoto” award for reducing water and energy consumption and designing environmentally sustainable products.

The award was given within an event organised at Expo Milano 2015. The initiatives implemented refer to streamlining of production facilities aimed at reducing consumption and waste, as well as to designing new products that require using a smaller amount of raw material. The actions concerning production facilities include more efficient use of natural gas, which has resulted in emission reduction equal to 4,300 tonnes of CO2, and a 22% reduction in water consumption by kilogram of paper produced. The levels of water consumption of Delicarta are set to further decrease in the coming years, thanks to the recent installation of a “Water Reuse” plant. Delicarta has also developed for Coop the first tube-free toilet paper (“Zero Tube”), which, by doing without the cardboard core, allows about 8 tonnes of paper to be saved each year.

“Coop beyond Kyoto” is a project that was launched by Coop in 2006 and urges suppliers of private label products to implement strategies aimed at reductions in energy consumption in line with the greenhouse gas emission reduction objectives set by the Kyoto Protocol, with certification carried out by an independent auditor of international renown.