Sofidel at the “CSR and Social Innovation Fair” in Italy

Sofidel at the “CSR and Social Innovation Fair” in Italy

Looking to the future: sustainability and new generations at the heart of Sofidel’s commitment to socially and environmentally responsible development

The “CSR and Social Innovation Fair“, one of the main Italian events dedicated to the theme of sustainability and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), was held on 1st and 2nd October in Milan, at Bocconi University. This year’s event was entitled Fields of Sustainability.

Sofidel took part in the event on Tuesday, 1st October. Andrea Piazzolla, Sofidel’s Chief Purchasing Officer, took part in the Green supply chain: involving suppliers in business strategies workshop, coordinated by Alberto Grando, Professor of Management and Technology at Bocconi University. Susanna Bellandi, Sofidel’s Global Creative, Communication & CSR Director, was involved in the Responsible Companies for Sustainable Consumers session, coordinated by Wise Society.

The Group also took part in the Changing Course presentation. The meeting was an opportunity for a discussion with young people, starting with a conversation with the authors of the book “Cambio Rotta. Storie di sostenibilità e successo” (Changing Course. Stories about sustainability and success). On sale under the joint Mondadori Electa/Focus brand, the book was published with Sofidel’s support. The publication contains some great stories about sustainability, demonstrating that it is not a surrender or a duty, but an immediate advantage for those who practise it and especially for the planet and its inhabitants.

The initiative is part of a series of communication initiatives conducted by Sofidel in 2019 under the label “Next Gen“, which look to and feature the younger generations.

The company has made sustainability a strategic lever for development and growth, with the aim of minimising its environmental impact and maximising social benefits. In so doing, the company looks to create products with a smaller environmental footprint and better performance, using less and less natural capital.