Sofidel and WWF Italy at the award ceremony for the “Mi curo di te” (I’ll take care of you) competition

Sofidel and WWF Italy at the award ceremony for the “Mi curo di te” (I’ll take care of you) competition

The award ceremony for the “Mi curo di te: il gesto di ognuno per il Pianeta di tutti” (I’ll take care of you: everyone’s contribution to a Planet for all) competition was held on 20 February, in Martinsicuro town hall, near Teramo, Italy. The prize was awarded to the Istituto Comprensivo S. Pertini (Primary School and First Level Secondary School) in Villa Rosa, Martinsicuro. The 32 classes of the school (representing a total of 600 students) that took part in the project were in fact among the top 50 in the national competition created by the WWF and Sofidel.

Sofidel has also been a partner of WWF Italy since 2008, supporting the “I’ll take care of you” educational project, launched in 2015 with the aim of helping teachers, students and, indirectly, their families to better understand the world in which they live, getting an idea of how complex and interconnected social, economic and environmental problems are.

The digital educational programme, intended for students aged between 8 and 12, aims to raise awareness among children of how everyday actions are linked to major global issues, understanding that everything we do, even the smallest deed, has important consequences, either negative or positive, on the balance of nature and for everyone’s future. The learning plan focuses on 3 major themes that also closely affect Sofidel: water, climate and forests. A final competition involving all schools offers prizes from the WWF and Regina, Sofidel Group’s most famous brand.

2018 is the fourth year of the project which is very popular among Italian schools. The quiz competition, organised each year as part of the project, ended on 17 November. To date, 8,500 classes representing more than 170,000 pupils and their respective families have registered on the platform at

“We are happy to be working alongside the WWF in this project to inform and raise awareness among young pupil at school. Moreover, knowledge and education, together with cooperation, are fundamental requirements for building a sustainable future. And we know that the future belongs, above all, to young people,” said Susanna Bellandi, Sofidel Global Creative, Communication & CSR Director.