Regina Pets: the paper towel for pets

Regina Pets: the paper towel for pets

Hygienic, practical and eco-friendly. These are the benefits of the new Regina Pets paper towel designed for pet owners caring for their furry friends.

The new product, yet another example of Sofidel’s commitment to offering innovative solutions to meet daily hygiene needs, was launched in the UK in October 2019 and uses 30% recycled plastic packaging.

Regina Pets is the alternative to a fabric towel or kitchen roll. From cleaning pets’ paws before they come into the house or get in the car, to cleaning their fur after they’ve got dirty (and drying them if they’re wet) or protecting the floors from stains and splashes from pet feeding bowls.

The product has extra-large three-ply sheets for greater strength and deeper cleaning. Another unique and exclusive feature is the embossed pattern on the paper, which depicts the paw print that is so typical of our four-legged friends.

Tested by independent laboratories for skin sensitivity and eye irritation, Regina Pets also uses a patented “Odour control” technology that eliminates unpleasant odours, neutralising them on contact with water.