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Sofidel keeps a constant communication flow with all media by issuing press releases related to all aspects of the company’s business: from institutional events to decisions related to sustainability, from manufacturing innovation to awards…


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100% of Sofidel consumer products with FSC® label

100% of tissue paper products in the consumer sector of Sofidel Group in Italy, Great Britain, Spain, France and the Benelux will bear the FSC® chain of custody label. The decision was announced during FSC® Friday, the annual event organised…

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Sofidel brings the “Festival della Crescita” to Lucca

As a multinational company with roots in the province of Lucca, Sofidel is an Italian business whose vision combines growth and sustainability, the guiding values of the “Festival della Crescita” (Festival of Growth) which, thanks to Sofidel, will also be…

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