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Toilet paper, kitchen paper, napkins, handkerchiefs, tissues… All tissue paper products made by Sofidel for the Consumer market are highly innovative both in terms of function and appearance, have an excellent price/quantity/quality ratio, along with highly targeted communications.
These features allowed us to constantly expand our customer base, leading us to position ourselves in top European markets.


REGINA REGINA Softness, absorption and above all length for Sofidel Group’s most famous brand.
Toilet paper, kitchen paper, napkins, handkerchiefs, tissues… Regina products, available in most leading markets, have become a model in terms of manufacturing quality and design, ability to innovate, comfort and hygiene.


softis softis Handkerchiefs, toilet paper and tissues: a byword for softness in Germany and Austria.
Softis is a very well-known brand in German-speaking countries, where it is synonymous with softness. By exploiting the fame of the brand and its unique place in the consumer’s mind, along with handkerchiefs, the Softis range includes tissues and the exclusive and technological toilet paper, which makes softness a truly unique selling proposition.

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Le Trèfle

Le Trèfle Le Trèfle The tissue brand that in France is synonymous with innovation, quality and originality since 1904.
With each of its products, Le Trèfle toilet paper is mainly designed for demanding consumers: from large rolls with two layers to coloured and slightly scented ones to rolls with an emollient Aloe Vera lotion: each piece of Le Trèfle always has something special.

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Sopalin Sopalin A pioneer in the kitchen paper market; it has been operating in France since the 40s.
Multipurpose, decorated, compact, specially designed for use in the kitchen, also available with “tailor-made” sheets for large and small needs. Moreover, the new triple-layer product… the Sopalin roll has always been the essential accessory in everyday life.

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thirst pockets

thirst pockets thirst pockets The kitchen paper that conquered Ireland and the UK with its “thirst pocket” technology.
All four available versions of these kitchen paper rolls, absorbent like a cloth, are particularly popular among consumers in the UK: classic, extra strong, extra long and patterned.

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kitten soft

kitten soft kitten soft The most loved toiler paper in Ireland, soft and tender like the kitten on the packaging.
It has very long and particularly soft rolls, for which it earned the nickname of “Big Irish Softie”. It is now available in the “adorably soft”, “luxury soft” and the Aloe Vera version, which is particularly soft on skin.

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nalys nalys The complete range of tissue paper products for Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg.
Toilet paper, kitchen paper, handkerchiefs, tissues… all consumers can find what they need in terms of softness, resistance and absorption.

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cosynel cosynel Thick and resistant toilet paper with three layers, sold in Belgium.
Available in four colours, this toilet paper supports the SOS Children’s Village project, which aims at improving hygiene conditions for people in Africa.

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lycke lycke The new brand that focuses on the environment and quality, designed for the Scandinavian market.
The nice bears of the Lycke Family featured on the product packaging show its environmental commitment, which goes hand in hand with its excellent quality and focus on the consumer.

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