Regina The history of the brand

In the hearts and homes of Italians for over 30 years.

A pop icon among consumer goods in Italy

Sofidel launched its Regina brand in 1987, selling branded tissue paper products for hygienic and domestic use first in Italy, and then across the Group’s other European reference markets.

In over 30 years, Regina products have become authentic pop icons among consumer goods in Italy, taking their place in the hearts and homes of Italians. Their strength, absorbency and softness, but also adverts that gave rise to genuine earworms (“Never-ending rolls”), have become a part of Italian tradition and advertising history.

A success due to the high quality and certainty of performance of the products, developed with an exclusive selection of pure pulp fibres, as well as to a wide product range and huge capacity for innovation. These are the factors that have made Regina the reference brand in Italian homes when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness. For over 30 years, Regina continued growing outside of Italy in countries including United Kingdom, Spain, Germany and Poland.

A look ahead for innovation and sustainability

This capacity for innovation has been proved since the beginning of the ’90s, with the creation of a new Nielsen product category, Maxi Rolls (Regina Rotoloni) – rolls with a bigger diameter that are more than twice as long as standard rolls – and continued with Regina Blitz, the household towel perfect for blitzing shiny and glossy surfaces around the house. A strong, absorbent and reliable product with extra-large, triple layered sheets.

Starting from July 2019, many Regina products, including toilet paper, kitchen rolls and household towels, are available on the shelves of European retailers with packaging made of kraft paper – a plant-based material that is renewable and easy to recycle – instead of standard polyethylene film.

In fact, the Sofidel Group is pursuing its commitment to more sustainable packaging with its main European brands. Today, the Regina brand is at the forefront in reducing the use of conventional plastic in consumer product packaging in countries including Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany and Poland.

The product categories

The Regina brand is present within five fast consumer goods (FMCG) product categories: toilet paper, kitchen towels, napkins, handkerchiefs/tissues and hand towels.

Its main products across Europe include: Regina Rotoloni, Regina Asciugoni, Regina Cartacamomilla and Regina Asciugamani (Italy); Regina Blitz (UK); Regina Sensación de Algodón and Regina Power (Spain); Regina Mit Herzen and Regina Kamillenpapier (Germany); Regina Papier Rumiankowy and Regina Najdłuższy Ręcznik (Poland).