In the process of adopting sustainability as the strategic approach for its development, Sofidel works with high profile Italian and international partners.



Through this partnership, Sofidel is committing to a more general task of raising awareness among its stakeholders and supporting projects that aim to ensure access to water and the availability of better toilets, sanitation and levels of hygiene, in the developing countries where the organisation operates.




Sofidel works with WWF both at an Italian and international level as an active member of the WWF Climate Savers programme, which brings together companies that voluntarily commit to reduce the emission of climate-altering gases into the atmosphere.
Sofidel and the WWF have shared objectives to improve the Group’s forestry procurement process (in terms of using certified sources) and have also developed together important initiatives to raise awareness, like the environmental education project “Mi Curo di Te” for schools.



The UN’s Global Compact initiative, one of the most important programmes in the world focusing on sustainability. Launched officially in July 2000, it now has 12000 participants from 170 countries worldwide.
The participants include businesses, institutions, representatives from the world and organisations of civil society involved at different levels in creating a more sustainable and inclusive economy. This uniquely makes Global Compact a truly global forum for sustainability.
To become a member, businesses have to adopt, support and promote the so-called Ten Principles – a set of universally accepted values regarding human rights, employment and environmental standards and the fight against corruption. Businesses also have to accept to publish an annual report for their stakeholders detailing their achievements in this area.



As a member of the United Nations Global Compact, the Group is also committed to supporting the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation (GCNI Foundation). In addition, the Sofidel Group is active in several working groups within the Foundation together with the other member companies. In this regard, it is worth highlighting Sofidel’s participation in the TenP-Sustainable Supply Chain Self-Assessment Platform developed by the GCNI Foundation. Its aim is to assess the sustainability performance of supplier companies, with the aim of identifying common challenges and solutions in order to improve sustainability within the supply chain.


EU-OSHA-enEU–OSHA (the European agency for Health and Safety in the Workplace)

Working together for Health and Safety in the Workplace Sofidel is official partner of the European agency for Health and Safety in the Workplace (EU – OSHA). The Agency is involved in awareness, information and prevention campaigns and carries out research activities.

Its main objective is “to help make Europe a safer, healthier and more productive place to work in”.
The Group joined the two-year Healthy Workplaces Campaign 2012-2013 on “Working together for risk prevention” focuses on management leadership and worker participation.
In 2014, Sofidel joined the two year Europe-wide campaign “Healthy Workplaces Manage Stress”.
The Group has renewed its partnership with the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) for the “Healthy Workplaces for All Ages Campaign 2016-17“.




Since 1990 Telethon has been funding high-profile biomedical research and since 2012 with Nicky it actively supports important Telethon projects, an NGO that has been long working to collect funds for research on muscular dystrophy and other rare genetic diseases.




Sofidel works with the UK’s woodland preservation organisation and with Nicky and Nouvelle it supports environmental education and tree-planting projects.




Sofidel supports the activity of this international humanitarian organisation with its
Papernet brand. Thanks to this partnership, it supported the vaccine campaign against measles for children living in Niger.



Nicky worked with this Irish association that takes care of children affected by brain damage by ensuring hours of medical assistance to their families.




The foundation bears the name of Giuseppe Lazzareschi, who founded Sofidel together with Emi Stefani.
It promotes social and environmental sustainability values in Lucca, where Sofidel was created, through cultural activities and events.



Sofidel works with Sodalitas, one of Italy’s top companies committed to promoting the role of firms as a social player and not just an economic one the Sustainability Charter.




Treedom is an Italian organization that promotes agroforestry projects, in particular, the planting of new trees to create environmental and social benefits. Sofidel, with the support of Treedom, have initiated a project named “Because values…never ends”.

Thanks to this project and has focused on planting 5.000 trees were planted in Senegal “Best wishes from Sofidel!”, and in Haiti, “Best wishes from Sofidel America!”,which were given as a gift to employees and customers.

For its 50th anniversary, Sofidel Group is pleased to gift its major stakeholders with a mango tree in Kenya, the happiness tree,  “The Happy Growth Tree”.



This international organization brings together producers and retailers to address the issues of sustainability and the health and safety of consumers while preserving competitiveness. Almost 300 companies have joined this organization.

Sofidel has been included in the list of the 22 most honorable companies for their conscientious practices of sourcing forest-related assets, along with the world’s leading manufacturers of tissue paper, (Kimberly-Clark, Procter & Gamble, SCA). The Group has been a member since 2014.



Sofidel supported the “Conference of the Parties” of the United Nations on Climate Change in Paris through membership in numerous initiatives, urging the assumption of joint multilateral actions with governments, businesses and civil society to counter the Climate change. Among the initiatives undertaken, the participation in the project of the Sustainability committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy called “Sustainable Technologies”; the adherence to “Coop beyond Kyoto”, aimed at promoting employment in terms of sustainability put in place by the Coop suppliers; the participation in the WWF coalition “We mean business” – a platform through which many large companies have taken action to encourage the transition to a low carbon economy – and the initiative “The Science Based Targets” – partnership between CDP, UN Global Compact, the World Resources Institute (WRI) and WWF – to “fix objectives consistent with the level of decarbonization required by science to limit global warming to less than 2 degrees compared to pre-industrial temperatures. “


Values, choices, results, objectives...with the integrated budget of the Sofidel paper group, each stakeholder can personally assess the economic, social and environmental value of the daily work of more than 6000 people. Because transparency is also a question of sustainability.

An anniversary is not only an opportunity to look over one's history and the results achieved over time, with due pride, but it is also a precious chance to re-confirm values, set new objectives and look to the future with optimism and trust.

Sofidel believes that businesses should play a vital role not only in terms of production and distribution of goods and services, but also in guaranteeing social and environmental benefits that are broader and longer lasting along the entire chain of value creation. This is why sustainability is a cornerstone and building block to Sofidel's modus operandi.