Climate Action


Sofidel’s sustainable approach has been reflected in important actions that have enabled a significant reduction in the environmental impact of production.

In particular, the Sofidel Group is the first Italian manufacturing company to join the WWF Climate Savers programme, aimed at leading companies in the low carbon economy and which has particularly ambitious objectives.

WWF Climate Savers targets for 2020:

Reduce direct CO2 emissions per tonne of paper produced by 23% compared to 2009 levels. This means a reduction of about 900,000 tonnes of CO2, equal to the emissions of a fleet of 10,000 trucks that travel 10,000 km per year for 10 years.

Reduce indirect CO2 emissions caused by third parties in the value chain by 13% compared to 2010 values per tonne of paper produced.

Achieve 8% of energy from renewable sources based on the quantity of fuels consumed annually.

To date, Sofidel has reduced direct CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by 20.6% (reduction of carbon intensity, 2009-2017) thanks to investments in energy efficiency, the use of cogeneration plants and the use of renewable energies (hydroelectric, solar power, biomass).

Out projects for climate action

The “I’ll take care of you” PRIZE CONTEST is underway, promoted by WWF and Sofidel

  The “I’ll take care of you” PRIZE CONTEST for primary schools is underway, run by WWF with the support of Sofidel. Until 15 May 2017…

“SOFIDEL: 50 YEARS OF GROWTH INTO THE FUTURE”: the book dedicated to the history of the company

“SOFIDEL: 50 YEARS OF GROWTH INTO THE FUTURE” The volume dedicated to the history of the company, district and culture of the tissue is officially presented…

2008/2013 The main environmental investments of the Sofidel Group

Here are the details. 2008: Euro 3 million to install a photovoltaic array for the Delicarta Paper Mill (Italy). 2009: Euro 1.5 million for rebuilding work…

Sofidel signs “An S.O.S. (Safe Operating Space) for a sustainable human future”, WWF Manifesto

WWF launches an S.O.S. for a sustainable human future. Among the first to sign the Safe Operating Space (S.O.S.) Manifesto are Barilla, Mutti, Novamont, Sofidel and…

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Sofidel’s sustainable growth strategy is completely in line with “building an inclusive, sustainable and resilient future for people and planet”, the aim of the United Nations (UN) through the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, set to be achieved in 2030, the plan of action for people, the planet and prosperity agreed in September 2015 by the governments of the 193 member countries. Read more