Clean water and sanitation

Clean Water and Sanitation

Being aware of how precious water is as a resource for the survival of the planet, Sofidel is also very attentive to the correct management of water; our production processes are constantly monitored in order to optimise the use of water resources. The water consumption reduction objective is pursued through both management measures and specific investments by implementing policies to rationalise water consumption and re-use waste water.

Sofidel’s commitment has led it to achieve significant results with an average consumption of water per kilogram of paper produced that is much lower than what is considered good industry practice (7.1 l/kg against 15-25 l/kg considered by the market as a good average).

In 2017 Sofidel entered into a three-year partnership with WaterAid to support its mission to bring clean water and hygiene to everyone, everywhere, by 2030.

WaterAid, which since 1981 has provided drinking water to 25 million people and sanitation to 24 million people in 37 countries, estimates that about 900 children die every day from diseases related to a lack of clean drinking water and sanitation.

Through our partnership with WaterAid, Sofidel is committed to raising awareness among our stakeholders and supporting projects aimed at ensuring access to water and the availability of services in developing countries: key factors in delivering health, good nutrition, empowerment of women, education and the development of adequate housing and urban conditions.

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Sofidel is committed to promoting and developing collaborations on multiple levels. Sofidel believes that sustainable development can exist only through a multi-stakeholder commitment that sees united in common power, businesses, institutions, civil societies and citizens.

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