Consumer protection

Consumer Protection

Consumers, and as a result distributors as well, are increasingly aware of the guarantees that any kind of product can offer.
This sensitivity, deriving from the food-processing sector, quickly expanded to all products intended to come into contact with food and people.
The Sofidel group has always included values associated with product safety in its quality policy and immediately seized the opportunity this cultural evolution presented to the industrial world, by adopting management systems in line with product quality, safety and lawfulness international standards (BRC Consumer Products standard and IFS Household and Personal Care Products standard).
This entire product manufacturing process underwent a specific HACCP analysis (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) designed to identify critical points potentially leading to product contamination from a chemical, physical and biological point of view in raw materials, during production and storage and in structures, and adopt all the solutions to eliminate these risks. This analysis is periodically reviewed to ensure it is always up-to-date in relation to new knowledge and technological evolution underway.