Alcohol-Free Truck


Sofidel has always promoted a culture of health, from the production facilities to the health and hygiene characteristics of its finished products, up until their distribution via road transport.

Aware of the dramatic importance of road safety, Sofidel recently felt duty bound to commit itself on this front too, given the large number of vehicles that annually transport its products on Europe’s roads (35.000 in Italy; 185.000 in Europe).

This has led to the creation of Alcohol-Free Truck, a unique and innovative project in the tissue sector that promotes a policy of protecting and safeguarding road safety and safety in the workplace against alcohol-related issues.

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road accidents
caused by alcohol


people who lose their
lives in these accidents


The Alcohol-Free Truck project aims to achieve two important objectives.


monitoring service of alcohol levels in truck drivers

To offer a monitoring service of alcohol levels in truck drivers, in full compliance with privacy regulations and in agreement with representatives of the group’s suppliers. The aim is to prevent road accidents and protect the safety of transported goods for our customers too.


to improve the health and safety of employees in the group’s plants

To improve the health and safety of employees in the group’s plants, raising their awareness about the risks associated with excessive alcohol consumption, promoting healthier life-styles and developing shared company procedures.


As confirmation of the importance of the project, Sofidel has:


Italian State Police

Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Italian State Police in which it undertakes to organise courses to raise awareness of the people involved inside and outside the company.


Transport Companies

Signed an agreement with Transport Companies, which undertake to involve their drivers in blood alcohol tests.



Involved some customers to support the project which is an extension of Sofidel’s corporate social responsibility on an issue that has a great impact on society.

Full respect of fundamental human rights is at the basis of Sofidel’s approach. Transparency, moral integrity, reliability, sense of responsibility, professional behaviour, honesty, fairness, confidentiality, impartiality, loyalty, ethics, mutual respect, sharing… the values that must inspire the work of all the people working with companies within the Sofidel Group are summarised in its Code of Ethics.