Sofidel Products

Each Sofidel product is an expression of the Group’s strategy, which makes innovation, safety, attention to people’s health and wellbeing and environmental protection the reference points for its value creation process.


Production process innovations, like product innovations, play a central role in the Group’s sustainable growth strategy. It is in fact precisely these factors, the implementation of the most modern technologies in the tissue sector, the specialist skills of the management and technical staff and the historic vocation for producing premium quality products that allow the Group to create increasingly high performance processes and products with ever lower amounts of natural resources, enabling it to give a responsible response to the growing demand for efficiency, functionality and sustainability from customers, consumers and society in general.
In 2017 the focus on innovation led the company to put new, technologically advanced products onto the market:
• Regina Wish Kitchen Towels which allow the right amount of paper to be used, avoiding waste. This concept was subsequently extended to other Group brands:
• Papernet Bio Tech toilet paper which helps to improve the quality of waste water;
• Fulltech, the new, more sustainable toilet paper with no cardboard core.


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