Environmental sustainability

Less is More

The principle Less is More, which underlies all the activities of the Sofidel Group, finds its natural expression in the environmental field.

Paper production is, in fact, a highly energy intensive process that has an impact on some of the fundamental resources of the planet: the forests, the atmosphere and water. That is why the Group is committed to reducing its environmental impact by using innovative strategies and technology to limit CO2 emissions, respecting forest resources by applying strict purchasing policies and using water resources in the most rational way possible.

Combating climate change

sofidel-wwf1Sofidel was the first Italian company and the first at a worldwide level in the tissue sector to join the international WWF Climate Savers programme, which is based on the voluntary definition of significant plans to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Carbon Intensity Sofidel Group * (kgCO2/tpaper)

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*The reporting boundary is represented by the Establishments under the operational control of Sofidel during the reporting year

The new WWF Climate Savers targets for 2020


Reduction in direct emissions compared to 2009

23% for each tonne of paper produced.


Reduction (compared to 2010) in indirect emissions

caused by third parties along its Value Chain of 13% for each tonne of paper produced.


Increase in renewable sources

8% of annual fuel consumption will be covered by renewable sources.

Protection of water resources

Paper production is a process that requires the use of huge quantities of one of our planet’s most precious resources: water. Given the role that protecting water resources has in guaranteeing not only life in general but also economic activity, Sofidel has implemented policies for rationalizing water consumption and reusing waste water.

Specific annual water consumption Sofidel Group * (m3/tpaper)

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*The reporting boundary is represented by the Establishments under the operational control of Sofidel during the reporting year

Responsible sourcing of raw materials

Awareness of the role that the forests play in protecting the global environment and preserving and enriching biodiversity has inspired the Sofidel Group to adopt a detailed policy for the purchasing of fibrous raw materials to ensure that the natural life of the forests is protected from savage and indiscriminate exploitation.


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