Certifications and endorsements obtained by Sofidel Group

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COMPANIESISO14001EMASEcolabelDer Blaue EngelSwan LabelFSCPEFCISO 50001BS OHSAS 18001BRC Consumer ProductsIFS Household and Personal Care ProductsISO 9001
Intertissue Baglan
Intertissue Horwich
Soffass Monfalcone
Soffass Cartiera Via Giuseppe Lazzareschi
Soffass Converting Via Giuseppe Lazzareschi
Soffass Val Fegana
Soffass Via Fossanuova
Soffass Via Leccio
Soffass Tassignano
Soffass Valdottavo
Sofidel America Haines City
Sofidel America Green Bay
Sofidel America Henderson Nevada
Sofidel America Tulsa
Sofidel America Hattiesburg
Sofidel Benelux
Sofidel France Frouard
Sofidel France Ingrandes
Sofidel France Roanne
Sofidel Germany
Sofidel Greece
Sofidel Papir
Sofidel Poland
Sofidel Romania
Sofidel Spain
Sofidel Sweden AB
Sofidel Turkey
Sofidel UK Hamilton, Leicester
Sofidel UK Rothley Lodge, Leicester
Sofidel UK Lancaster
Thüringer Hygiene Papier
Thüringer Hygiene Papier Logistik
Werra Papier (Omega Plant)
Werra Papier (Werra Plant)
Sofidel Hungary

Only parent reels Only trading Only virgin Look for our FSC® – certified products - FSC® License Number

Values, choices, results, objectives...with the integrated budget of the Sofidel paper group, each stakeholder can personally assess the economic, social and environmental value of the daily work of more than 6000 people. Because transparency is also a question of sustainability.

An anniversary is not only an opportunity to look over one's history and the results achieved over time, with due pride, but it is also a precious chance to re-confirm values, set new objectives and look to the future with optimism and trust.

Sofidel believes that businesses should play a vital role not only in terms of production and distribution of goods and services, but also in guaranteeing social and environmental benefits that are broader and longer lasting along the entire chain of value creation. This is why sustainability is a cornerstone and building block to Sofidel's modus operandi.